Nicole believes that your body tells you when it is in need of some kind of fine-tuning by creating signals that you interpret as dis-ease or symptoms of illness. She strongly believes that you have the ability to experience healing if you quiet yourself enough and listen to the messages that your body is giving you. Once you understand how your body communicates you can then make more informed decisions in all aspects of your life, creating the space for your body/mind/spirit to remember how to come back into the state of harmony that is innate within you. 

Deep listening and compassion are the greatest gifts Nicole offers her patients. She always seeks to uncover what is at the heart of the person. She allows the time that is necessary in order to fully understand you, considering how your physical body is functioning and also how you feel within yourself because she understands the union that exists between body, mind and spirit. Nicole works with you to discover your wellness goals and what you already inherently know about how your body and mind work including where you are thriving and where you are experiencing some difficulty. She then coaches you and provides treatments that ease you towards a new way of being and feeling.